The Punchary, Al Mansoura

The Punchary- but what is it? An establishment that turns out bespoke metal pressings, an unsubtle martial arts centre, or just somwhere to have your burst tyre patched? I suspect the last. But it is still a good addition to the lexicon.

How much water does it take to soak you?

...and how would you find out anyway? My method of choice would be as follows: Take two bath towels. Fold them small and weigh them, together, not individually, using kitchen scales. (They would barely register on bathroom scales). Place one, folded double by the side of the bath. Hang the other somewhere nearby and reachable from the folded one. Fill the bath with water, to a normal depth, not to the brim; this is not a flotation displacement experiment. Get into the bath and submerge yourself until thoroughly wet all over. This takes no more than a second. Quickly, but without undue splashing, step out onto the folded bath towel and proceed to dry yourself with the second towel. When completely dry, make a tight bundle of the two towels and weigh them again. Note the difference, wet weight minus dry weight. As water weighs one kilogram per litre, it is a simple matter to calculate the total volume of water. Of course you may ask- why would I care? But only you can answer that one.

Always good to check first

Norly wasn't playing. Red at first thought he was but then found he wasn't, because of Eid al Adha. But Melrose was singing in CityMax al Barsha, and Golden Star were playing in Seaview, so a good night was had. Can't be sure, but Mel's drummer seemed familiar from a million years ago in York? Maybe someone can confirm.

In the interests of sporadicity

Hands up all those who think it would be a good idea for me to start posting here again? Don't all rush at once!
In fact, my absolute frequency of posting has never changed, in respect of true cosmic time. It is just that Doha time has resolutely accelerated of late, such that what now passes for a year occupies no more than a month of true time.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

The Tide is High...

and I'm holding on...  and the singer's English is leagues ahead of my Tagalog, so this is not in any way a criticism. But I can't help wondering- did someone doctor the songsheet or was it an innocent mistake when she sang, repeatedly: I'm not the kind of girl/ Who gives a shit like that...  That's right up there, with Four angry children and a crap in the field, and There's a bathroom on the right.

The Great Sheep Question

A prize to the first non-Arabic speaker who correctly deciphers this sign. This year, in Qatar, we've been entertained to a campaign of public health posters in black on yellow, all featuring a little outraged guy waving his arms in despair. The injunctions range from not spitting in public places to checking sell-by dates in supermarkets, always followed by the rather sinister 'We all see you. You are not alone!'  But what can this sheep message be about? Do not eat the wool. Always peel before eating! No? Please have a guess. I'll publish the English language version soon.

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