Dame Mary Page

In London's 'Nonconformist' Cemetery, Bunhill Fields, there is an impressive memorial:
"Here lyes Dame Mary Page, relict of Sir Gregory Page Bart. 
She departed this life March 4 1728 
in the 56th year of her age".
It continues:    
     "In 67 months she was tap'd 66 times
      had drawn away 240 gallons of water
      without ever repining at her case
      or ever fearing the operation"

 And hast thou won thy rest, O Mary Page,
and shall thy crystal fountains spring no more
that for a hand of twelve-months didst thou pour
full generous, London's aching thirst to assuage?
Thy waters swelled the placid Fleet to rage
and storm through Clerkenwell with mighty roar,
drowning the mudlarks, sluicing clean the gore
and filth of Smithfield's sinister carnage.
Let him* consider how thy life was spent
who shares with thee this nonconformist ground.
Dryness his watchword, stern restraint his bent,
his to proselytise and thine to yield
fruit of thy being.  May thy burial mound
nourish the eager roots of Bunhill Field.

* John Milton

Persona Non Grata?

Doing the rounds of my assorted web manifestations this morning, I notice that my last post has mysteriously disappeared from the UAE Community Blog's featured list of recent member posts. It remains to be seen whether that is because its subject (the Khashoggi affair) did not align with current UAE thinking or because Paraplexed has been excluded from the Community members' list. Time will tell. Meanwhile, Paraplexed is likely to take on a more British flavour for a time, as I appear to have relocated to Worcestershire, for the time being, at least.
Postscript: This post has popped up on UAE Community Blog, so all is well with the automated workflow!

Jamal Khashoggi

'Accidentally killed during an interrogation' does not mean that the video camcorder suddenly exploded. It probably means that the torturers misjudged the cardiopulmonary health and resilience of their victim. Incompetence and evil form a lethal cocktail. For a State to offer 'Accidentally killed during an interrogation' as an exoneration is beyond belief, with its implied normalisation of torture, and the insulting assumption that others will accept this normalisation. But even in a world as dark as this 'exoneration' requires, producing the body for forensic inspection could provide absolute corroboration of the 'accident'. Continued failure to do so points to something darker still. Meanwhile, UK and USA continue to sell arms to this regime.

Breet breet!

I had just changed into my extreme hot weather walking kit and was on the point of going out when I thought I heard a cricket or cicada chirruping somewhere in the house. Clearly a quick eviction was called for. I stood still to listen and immediately the chirruping stopped too. (This is typical cicada behaviour. Whenever they think you're looking for them, they shut up and concentrate on being invisible). A few more steps to check behind the door were accompanied by a few more chirrups from somewhere nearby. Stop by the door and immediately the chirruping stopped too. This pattern repeated a few more times. Walk, chirrup, stop, silence! Walk, chirrup, stop, silence!

Addidas hot weather track pants have an inner mesh or gauze layer to wick sweat away from the thighs. Worn inside-out by mistake, this mesh or gauze, swishing against itself when you walk, makes a noise exactly like a small cricket or cicada. And it stops when you stand still. You should try it sometime...

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