How much water does it take to soak you?

...and how would you find out anyway? My method of choice would be as follows: Take two bath towels. Fold them small and weigh them, together, not individually, using kitchen scales. (They would barely register on bathroom scales). Place one, folded double by the side of the bath. Hang the other somewhere nearby and reachable from the folded one. Fill the bath with water, to a normal depth, not to the brim; this is not a flotation displacement experiment. Get into the bath and submerge yourself until thoroughly wet all over. This takes no more than a second. Quickly, but without undue splashing, step out onto the folded bath towel and proceed to dry yourself with the second towel. When completely dry, make a tight bundle of the two towels and weigh them again. Note the difference, wet weight minus dry weight. As water weighs one kilogram per litre, it is a simple matter to calculate the total volume of water. Of course you may ask- why would I care? But only you can answer that one.

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